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Are you looking for a lawyer? At Siewert & Gjostein, we have served the Central Ohio community as trusted guides, helping thousands of clients through difficult times. We help our clients as they confront tough issues, in DUI, OVI, Drunk Driving, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy and Debt Relief.

More than two decades in the courtroom.

For more than two decades, we have provided the counsel that people rely on, advocating for our clients in Federal, State and Municipal Courts in Columbus, Ohio and its surrounding counties. We have worked hard to give our clients the best possible representation from the first meeting through a verdict of not guilty at trial.

Serious offenses require serious experience.

Our practice of law is founded on the principle that your case deserves detailed and personal attention. We provide that close attention to legal matters that include Debt Relief, Drunk Driving, OVI, DUI, Criminal Defense, or Bankruptcy.

Successfully, representing people charged with the most serious of criminal offenses and guiding them toward good decisions is the hallmark of our practice. Our record of successful results is proven.

We value your trust.

When a legal case is serious to you, something that you value deeply is on the line—your life, the life of a family member or your home. We value the trust our clients place in us. And we earn that trust every day.

Professional understanding, with personal value.

We believe in what we do. When the State comes after someone in a criminal matter, we stand between you and them. When a Creditor tries to take your home, your car or your business, we stand between you and them. Your life and your property are at stake. When we stand between you and them, we will protect what you personally value. Call today and schedule your first meeting.

Our Passion

Michael Siewert

Michael Siewert

“Innocent people are charged with crimes every day. Everyone is presumed innocent and that is where our representation begins.
Meet Mike.

Thomas Gjostein

Thomas Gjostein

Every client deserves the best possible lawyer, no matter what legal challenges they face. You need a lawyer to stand up and get results.”
Meet Tom.

No stone left unturned

Our practice is founded on this principle. We retain the services of Bob Britt, a private investigator, and veteran homicide detective of the Columbus Division of Police.

We serve Franklin County and beyond.

Siewert & Gjostein proudly represent clients throughout central Ohio: